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Techno Dj Paul Nazca Hit Sonance

By Published January 20, 2018

Sonance - the launch of a new techno party at Bar 512, Dalston, bringing recognised techno artists from around the world to London, and the big event feel to a smaller venue. Due to the intimacy of the venue there are limited amount of early bird tickets. Check the RA link for details.

For our launch we're bringing two renowned guest DJ's from across the seas:

PAUL NAZCA is an unconventional DJ from South of France. He was born and still lives near Arles, amongst the century-old olive trees grown by his family. He is a simple person whom transcends the ages and fashions. Like an olive tree, he is never uprooted.

At this stage of his career, spanning more than 15 years at this point, PAUL has written his own page in the electronic music history. Co-founder of SCANDIUM Records and Sign Industry, Paul has many releases on Kompakt, B Pitch Control, Boxer, F.U.Fcom, Skyptöm, Sleaze, Analytic Trail and more. He has evolved but has always remained loyal to his beliefs.
His last EP « Memory » out in Vinyl on Scandium Records, is supported and played by famous artists like Laurent Garnier, DJ Hell, Sven Väth and Dr Motte. Because of this release, Paul write into the marble the comeback of this unavoidable label which is Scandium.
Paul's productions always come from old analog synthesizers associated to cutting edge technology. He prioritizes the use of machines rather than virtual instruments when he composes. His home studio includes 80% of analog instruments. 

"NAZCA" is not the product of a style, but of a separation between eclectic and pure techno productions. His aim is not to release tracks using a different stage name to target a wider audience but to center his techno tracks around the label Anemone based on an exclusivity agreement. 

Public notoriety is not important for Paul. Only music matters and should be exposed, not the producer. 

Scenedrone, hailing from Waterford, (IE) Scenedrone has developed quite a reputation in the Irish techno scene over the past 4 years. Starting producing as Luke Creed (his real name) at the young age of 17, he has made a name for himself not only as A DJ, but also as an outstanding producer, leading to him to his current Industrial techno sound. Scenedrones DJ sets and productions have a distinctly dark and industrial yet experimental sound, that will be sure to keep the dancefloor moving.

As well as playing many gigs on a national level, Scenedrone has played many gigs overseas, sharing the stage alongside techno heavyweights Ansome, Plukkk, Keepsakes, Interferon, Swarm Intellegence and his proudest moment, supporting Neil Landstrumm just this April.

Scenedrone is also the owner and founder of the famous record label "Variance", where he has signed many great artists such as Drvg Cvltvre, Paul Birken, Casper Hastings, Mael, Ansome, Blurred Boy, Interferon, Ingen, Mickey Nox, Johan Platt, Kamikaze Space Programme, Henge and OLVR/KCRA to name a few! Of course Scenedrone releases on Variance. He also runs Variant Electronic, a label well worth checking out too.

Joining them are two of our residents B.S.E and Paul Z.
You'll recognise B.S.E from the London scene, he's been around for over 15 years playing his techno trade around various parties including the seminal Zoology at the legendary club 414 in Brixton.

Paul has played around London for a number of years, also gracing the decks in his home country of Scotland, and brings his own ferocious beats to the 512 floor.

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