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November 10, 2017

Join Psycartel every 1st Wednesday from 7pm for Psydeshow, where for 2 hours he will transport you to a psychadelic world of all things Psy!

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PsyCartel's musical journey started in his teens when he first picked up a Bass guitar. Within six months he was playing in bands locally, then later nationally with bands such as Muse and Inertia.

His electronic adventure started in the late 90s when he was captured by the booming Trance and Hard House scene, soon after acquiring a pair of 1210's and joining local free party crews. After a long hiatus away from music he was encouraged back and with the help of his friends found the Psy Trance community, immediately falling in love with the music. Due to a lack of a local scene he went to work with his long time friend Anton (Acid Drop Anton) and created Neurotrition. Hoping to bring together people to party and enjoy Psy Trance. Finding the perfect venue in The Attic-Torquay they now host bi-monthly events which continue to grow. This has allowed Luke to play with some of the scenes biggest artists such as Eat Static, Shane Gobi, Chris Rich, Psymmetrix, M-Theory, Astralasia and many more.

Recently he's taken his sounds to Saint Petersburg-Russia, playing at Oroboro Festival and several events at Ken Kessey space. He also hosts a monthly 2 hour show on which allows him to share his love of Psy Trance. Expect his sets to be uplifting and hypnotic taking you on a psychedelic journey through the cortex of your mind.

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NEUROTRITION - Our next outing in the Neuro mothership will be piloted by:

☣☣☣ Psy Trance ☣☣☣

SVESS (Mosaico Records)

DEXTER (Cosmology)



PSYCARTEL (Unimuse Records)




DECOR by Neurotrittion

£7 before 12pm £8 after

The Attic, 13 Torwood Street, TQ1 1ED Torquay

See you on the dance floor!

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