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The hardest show on earth! Psyvex will without doubt leave his mark on Safehouse Radio every 3rd Wednesday from 9pm with Kick Distortion. Turn it up! Or maybe not...

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Psyvex has always loved music from a young age, his passion really grew back in 97/98 listen to rave tapes from the mighty Helter Skelter. Hard trance was favourite at the start, one day he put a Scorpio tape into his Walkman and the love for the harder edge of harder styles was born. Soon after the this he bought his first set of turntables. Record shopping at least twice a month in the Spun-Out record shop. That then opened his eyes to more of the harder styles. Buying Acid Techno, Hardcore, Gabber & Freeform, his record collection started to grow as did his passion.

A group of mates, including himself started to go to events almost weekly, as a group their passion then turned to running their own events called Energycore. Many events were run by the guys and
they played along side some of the biggest names in the hardcore genre. In 2004 he then got an opportunity, after sending a mix tape to Hardcore Heaven, to play in their new talent arena, this was set up in the foyer of the mighty Sanctuary in Milton Keynes where he played millennium gabber.

Energycore teamed up Square One and started to combine forces as their nights grew more popular. They were also residents at the Bass Disfunktion and then later United Federation of Hardcore
UFOH. Sadly, that finally ran its course due to closures of various venues. His passion for music never went away and collecting music never stopped. Due to family and work life there were many years where he would only DJ as a hobby. He then had a few years of trying production and working with various names in the hardcore scene (Hattrixx, Joey Riot, Kurt) paying for studio time with them, to make a handful of tracks. All six of these tracks were released on various labels. But due to family life and not having enough time, this also faded away. Fast forward to 2017/18 and he wanted to start picking back up his passion and doing more. In 2019 he was/is a regular at the fast-growing Gabber event Called Chapel of Chaos, run by Olly Thumpa. He got the opportunity to play at their ‘Back to The Nineties’ event, where he played alongside a group of his piers (Scorpio, Marc Smith & Leviathan amongst others) and even had 2 of his favourite MCs on his set (Ribbz & Squidgy B).

Psyvex now releases fortnightly gabber mixes on his SoundCloud ranging across all the years that got him to that point. He would love to have more DJ sets at events and has now started a monthly radio slot on Safehouse Radio, every 4 th Wednesday of each month, where he gets to share all the music he loves.

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