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Danko Skystone

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October 22, 2020

Following on beautifully from long time Safehouse resident Cliffie, we have the wonderful and dreamy sounds of Danko Skystone. A true master in the progressive genre, he takes you on a journey every 1st Monday of the month from 9pm till 10pm on Safehouse radio.

Danko Skystone BannerDanko Skystöne possesses a distinct and skillful mixing style that is broadly described as Melodic House & Techno often giving a wink and nod to his Progressive background. As such, his reputation has lead him to play at some of the biggest clubs and festivals around Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and Spain. . .

His productions are best described as warm, deep, techy, forward thinking and emotive. To which they have received applause and support by some of the world's elite level such as Hernan Cattaneo, Oliver Moldan, Stephane K, Max Graham, D-Nox & Beckers, Dubre, Darin Epsilon, Paul Van Dyk, Markus Schulz, and Sandra Collins to name a few.

Inversion Radio was launched in April, 2017 as a platform to showcase and support underground producers from around the world. The show itself is syndicated throughout the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Russian Federation, South America, and North America. Presently Danko has just launched his own mixing and mastering company Inversion Audio purely for the (rare) joy and satisfaction of helping others music and mixes to sound the very best possible. He is a master with DAW’s - Pro-Tools, Cubase, Ableton Live & Apple Logic X. Undoubtedly, Danko Skystöne has always stood for balance, quality and long may it continue. . .



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June 18, 2020


Love Trance? Then tune in every 1st Friday from 7pm till 8pm for Ratcliffe & Trance Portal. Uplifting Trance at it's very best.

ratcliffe banner

After finding the ultimate passion for Trance music back in 1997 when he found Slinky his love for music has just grown more and more. Massive influences were Judge Jules and especially Daniel Bailey (Even his first son is named Bailey!)

In 2019 he finally decided to start mixing and like so many other DJ’S just craves that first gig. You can expect uplifting, driving and lots of Vocal trance inspired massively by Christina Novelli in his New Monthly show Trance Portal.

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DJ's Catch 22 and Miss Behaviour take care of your Monday night house party every 3rd Monday with The Contagious Behaviour House Party from 6pm.

contagious banner

A journey of all things House... Contagious Behaviour are DJ Catch 22 & Miss Behaviour.

Est. 1973: With years of experience, Darren, aka DJ Catch 22 is a well seasoned and established DJ who likes making shapes and Mixtapes.

Est. 1971: With years of mixing experience, Jennie, aka Miss Behaviour completes the DJ Duo.

They aim to have the listeners smiling, shouting, shuffling and dancing every 3rd Monday of the Month. They say, "We're just 2 DJS that like to entertain, we hope you enjoy our shows...!"

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Audio Menace

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June 11, 2020

Every 4th Friday of the month, Audio Menace will kick start your weekend right here on Safehouse Radio with his show Hypnotic Pulse, delivering 2 hours of in-your-face hard trance, hard dance, acid trance and hard house.  Enjoy his new set time 9 until 11pm!

audio menace banner

When Audio Menace was 18 friends of his talked him in to going to a local dance music night he'd never heard of before called Skankadelic, and from the moment his foot stepped in and he felt the bass thunder through his chest & his life was changed. He didn't miss a Skankadelic for next 5 years. Seeing great live acts such as K90, Nuw Idol, The Secret and Orpheus 2, alongside brilliant underground Acid Trance and NRG DJ's like Beamish & Oberon, Psynrg, Thermobee and Juno. 

At the same time Audio Menace was visiting Gatecrasher where he'd see terrific Trance DJ's like Guy Ornadel and John Kelly and another local club called Crazy Daisies who would regularly put on Hard House giants such as Lisa Lashes and Fergie.

It was in 2002 he started attending raves too & was blown away by the Hardcore Techno rooms and also by Sharkey and Energy blasting out Freeform alongside Mark EG & M-Zone in the Hard Trance rooms.

It was in the early 2000s Audio Menace invested in turntables and along with a few friends of his, started hiring out village halls under the guise of a birthday party and putting a rave on instead.

After a few hundred unexpected people came to what turned out to be the last one he would put on, he decided to hire out proper venues and book big name DJ's like DJ Sy and Joey Riot to play.

The Energycore nights were predominantly Hardcore and Freeform events so to give him the ability to play at any time in the main room he taught myself to play early Hardstyle 33rpm records on 45rpm, essentially bringing them up to Freeform speed.

But his main love has always been Hard Trance, Acid Trance and NRG although he's been known to spin Progressive, Freeform and Hardcore Techno too.
His favourite labels include Telica, Deep Mission, Acid Test Pressings, Tinrib, Ef.adrine, Wicked! and Spinball.

With Hypnotic Pulse you can expect underground Acid Trance, Hard Trance & NRG with the occasional suprise thrown in, all mixed on vinyl!

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