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Out Now on Hyper Reality Records!

By Remnis Published February 10, 2018

XLS - Adrenaline EP - More great music from Hyper Reality!

The EP starts off with this beautiful track. Entrancing and mesmerizing, it takes you to the highest heights of your imagination. Every time the melody comes in, I get goosebumps. The hypnotic vibe gets me all the time. The vocals, though somewhat repetitive, makes it a joy to mix with, or to tease with during a set. During the break, the tension builds up and finally releases in a beautiful climax. This is a very melodic track, but never becomes cheesy.

Starting the EP with this gorgeous track can only leave you wondering about how he’s going to top this on the next tracks… He has certainly set the bar high for himself here!

Kicking off with this freaky sound in the intro, this promises to be another great track. The acid in the mid-intro is screaming and really builds up the tension, before getting to the main break. Even though I am generally not a fan of long breaks, this break stays interesting. The breakbeat has a funky vibe and the build-up before the climax really gives it that extra bit of power. The climax bursts loose with a beautiful melody and nice supporting acid. The acid is used again to build-up to the end of the climax, leaving you craving for more.

One could say that I certainly got some electroshocks as the shivers went down my spine during the beautiful break!

This is certainly the roughest track of the bunch. The pounding kicks are accompanied by screeching melodies. The bassline is hard, but also somewhat groovy. The well-known vocal in the break really adds to the already eerie vibe of the screeches and other synths.

This track might cause some confusion for people who are only used to his more melodic work, but this only goes to show once more the variety of styles this producer masters! If you are looking for a way to close off a hard set, look no further!

Powerful kicks and screaming acid dominate the mid-intro, with acid steadily building up towards the main break. The freaky music box-like sound is introduced here and sets the scene for this creepy break. The main synth and melody are fantastic: dark and ominous to fit with the freaky music box. The build-up to the climax is once again very strong, and the music-box briefly comes back before the climax. The acid comes back during the climax, which is the cherry on the cake for me.

Hard, dark, ominous and yet melodic, this track is sure to give an adrenaline boost to many a dancefloor!

The EP
So there we have it, 4 amazing tracks, all with a different flavour. The tracks are very well produced and really form one whole. The EP as a whole also forms one coherent release and has a nice build-up from a more lighter and trancy track, to darker and harder works.

Even though XLS does have his own recognizable style, this EP shows that he has enough variety to make it interesting for all hard trance lovers. For me, the things I love about it most are the beautiful melodies and the amazing acid. This magnificent EP again shows me why I see XLS as one of the very best producers in today’s hard trance scene!

Release Date: February 9th, 2018

HRR038 is supported by Acid Dreamer, Ariel Beat, Cento, Cherish [Country Club], C.O.L.D., ConnecteD, Cryptodome, Chris Blade [Extreme Revolution], DJs Present, Danny Slade, Dark Sector, D4RYL, Dave Spinout [High Fish], Dean Zone, Dizmaster, DJ Mosquito, Douglas [USA Trance Movement], Faze 2, FUA TraxX, Hakka, Iain Cross, Indecent Noise, Jake Ayres [Country Club], Jake Nicholls [Uprising], Jon Doe, Johan @ DI.FM, Keoni Mira, Justin Wakefield [German Trance], Kev SmootHound Walters [Extreme Revolution], Kuznetsow, Locanda, Mindflux, Mark EG, MissCreant, Noizy Boy, Nutty T, Pete Kingwell [Terminal Trax], Proteus / Puss & Kram, Quinny, Rainer K, Remnis, Rinski, The Sixth Sense, Stu J [Vertastyle / Voice FM], Tim Hidgem [Religion] and many more.

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